The Exotic Butterfly

and understanding other non-natives.

The term Exotic Butterfly sounds like something anyone starting a garden would want to include. Something exclusive that a neighbor may not have. Apply caution.

Non-native species of anything can be introduced innocently to new geographic regions.  Although many non-native's can adapt others can become a nightmare to eradicate.

Map-Wing Butterfly
Photo: Pindiyath100

As understanding grows for what it takes to make any kind of garden, including butterfly, one may be tempted to introduce a new butterfly species, flowers and plants not local to the area.

It's not uncommon we purchase a pretty flower at the local store or someone gives us one from their garden.  Most are not invasive but...

We may have found ourselves trying to kill the pretty flower in order to prevent it from taking over our gardens. The pretty flower begins suffocating out all those other pretty flowers that were quite an investment. Sound Familiar?

It doesn't matter if new life is introduced intentionally or accidentally.  By the time local officials discover the effects to the environment it may be to late. The flowers and plants will be pulled from store shelves.

Anything not native to an area is termed Exotic

Many of those plants and flowers to attract butterflies we purchase from nurseries have been hybridized.  This video touches on this and helps us to realize that although most non-natives can live in harmony with our native plants, be aware of what could happen...

More about the pollination process.

Remember one way to avoid gardening problems:

Butterfly Mobiles by Butterfly Orbs

Exotic Species can
Become Invasive!

In time serious damage can occur from non-native. They disrupt the balance of the native environment from what it was before they were introduced - be they butterflies or plants.

Be advised that while developing any butterfly or natural garden, never pick anything from local or national forest and parks to plant.  Many times these are introduced species. Park services control vegetation on a larger scale, such as burning weeds when these get out of control.

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