Flowers to Attract Butterflies

Butterfly on Flower
Photo: Jason Smith

Plants on this page are flowers to attract butterflies - 
all provide nectar sources for butterflies. 

The following summarizes details found on each individual flower page.  This helps each gardener to understand if plants for butterflies will work in your butterfly garden.

  • Native plants to North America - If not, understand exotics

  • Types of soil plant prefers, FYI:  Soil testing methods
                                       - Acidic soil, Alkaline soil, Rich soil
                                       - All soil types, including poor
                                       - Dry soil, Wet soil, Well drained soil
                                       - Clay soil, Sandy soil

  • Sun requirements - Full sun, Full shade, Part sun, Part shade

  • If plant is fragrant, which attracts many types of butterflies

  • Host plants for butterflies

  • Flower type - Annual flowers, Perennial Flowers, Shrubs, Trees

  • If plants are:  Short blooming flowers, Long blooming flowers

  • Tough plants - can withstand exceptionally warm or cold climates.  See planting zones
  • Many flowers that attract butterflies are also flowers for hummingbirds. 

When attracting hummingbirds some quick rules of thumb are:

Red to deep pinks

Tubular flowers

Trumpet flowers

Pea shaped flowers

Photo: JeffreyW

Understanding terms Warm Climate and Cold Climate:

   Warm Climate:

  • Extremely hot and humid nights will cause plants to deteriorate.  With proper soil and other growing conditions these plants can thrive through planting zone 8, sometimes zone 9.

   Cold Climate:

  • These are areas where winds are strong in both winter and summer. 
  • Summers are  frequently dry and temperatures can be above 90 degrees, but humidity is usually low. 
  • Because snow acts as an insulator plants survive with temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, planting zones 3 and 4.

Getting started:  Flowers to Attract Butterflies

Asclepias tuberosa

Aster Flower

Black-eyed Susan Vine

Black-eyed Susan Vine

Blue Eyed

Coreopsis Perennial

Candytuft Flowers

Daisy Flower


Joe Pye Weed


Lupinus Plant

Bee Balm

Monarda Bee Balm


Rudbeckia spp

Sedum Plant

Types of Lavender

Yarrow Plant

Lots of flowers to come!   :)

Many flowers that attract butterflies are also flowers for hummingbirds.
Photo: Martha Marks

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