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Butterfly on Flower
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This page is the gardening and butterfly websites sitemap 
for Easy Butterfly Garden Welcome!

Butterfly Information

This section covers basic questions
and curiosities about butterflies.

Food Web

Butterflies need food, but they are also food. Understanding food webs.

Above categories are all about butterflies.  Following are gardening techniques which brings butterfly websites to life!

Starting A Garden

Summarizes the big picture
of beginning gardening for butterflies.

Flowers to Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Websites need Butterfly Flowers,
many are also great at attracting hummingbirds.
Here are just a few..

  • Calliopsis - A name shared with Tickseed and Coreopsis perennial.
  • Daylillies - Greek for 'Day Beauty', they come in many colors.
  • Joe Pye Weed - Great border plant, best in casual garden settings.

The Butterfly Bush

Very popular, very pretty
and many considered a weed.

How to Kill Weeds

Covers understanding Soil, Herbicides and Mulch.

Weed Identification

Understanding weeds and
those that need to be eradicated.
How do Plants Grow - Basics of understanding.

Identify Weeds - The common characteristics of the term 'weed'.

Problematic and Invasive Weeds:

Weed Garden

Are there desirable weeds that could be used?

Natural Gardening

Developing a wildlife or natural garden.
Keeping Deer Out - Store bought methods to keep deer out.
Homemade Deer Repellent - Quick fixes to keep deer away.

Butterfly Websites Garden Blog

As this gardening and butterfly websites pages multiply,
the blog keeps you up with the latest.

Contact/Gardening Question

Contact butterfly websites author,
Sharing Your Stories

About Me

  • 2010 - When I started website
  • 2022 - Update

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  1. Annual Bluegrass

    Jan 14, 17 08:14 PM

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    Natural gardening includes different types of gardens. These garden types create a casual, natural envirionment and help sustain native wildlife which includes butterflies.

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