How to Kill Weeds

There are many options 
with how to kill weeds.

This page breaks down everything the gardener needs to know when dealing with the task of killing them.

With the many garden weed control methods to choose from, understanding how they work may not always be clear.

Let's start here..

Best Weed Killer - Once you understand the best weed killer is you armed with simple knowledge, it will get easier.

On a personal note:
  As a beginner gardener I wanted to learn all about different kinds of weed control.  This is why I include these pages about chemicals on my butterfly website.  Many new gardeners have appreciated these pages helping them to understand basically what these chemicals are.

To me gardening is like personal grooming.  When it comes to weeds I've learned it's best to go out consistently and pull weeds to keep the garden groomed.  If I ever do use anything it comes from the kitchen and is a natural remedy, which is also discussed on this page.

Why do I feel it is important to use the simple pulling and homemade methods?  It is now being proven that pollinator numbers are declining as a result of these chemicals and our soil is in overload, which also affects our food.  Please see the food web page to understand how important these beloved butterflies are to our ecosystem.

Different types of herbicides and how they work:

: including Non Selective Herbicide

By eliminating chemical herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides the more butterflies will come to your garden.

Natural Weed Control - As your butterfly garden grows you'll find yourself opting for more natural methods of weed control. Let's take a step back -

The most important factor of any garden starts
with the soil and understanding pH of soil.

Weeds can also be a result of imbalances in soil. Testing soil acidity is important and recommended if you are having problems with plant growth and even plant diseases.

  • How to Test Your Soil -
    DIY Tips for Gardening - Before spending any money try a home soil test yourself!

After soil becomes more balanced and weed identification is easier, creating more natural herbicide options become the focus.

Organic Mulch Types - This list includes Mulch along with Soil Amendments that can cross over and used as garden mulch.

Inorganic Mulch Types - This list makes up products that are man made such as black rubber mulch.


The most effective time of year to use post-emergent weed control is in the fall. As perennial weeds die back they begin to store nutrients in their roots for the winter season. When post-emergents are applied they also will be carried into the root system. 

It is recommended when applying any post-emergent herbacide to cover the entire plant including leaves just above soil to ensure chemicals carry.

It is now being proven that pollinator numbers are declining as a result of the effects chemicals (especially glyphosate) used in over the counter products.  Soils, also, are losing important microbes while weeds are becoming more resistant to these chemicals.  When learning how to kill weeds it may be best to just pull them out!

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