Plant Nurseries
and Professional Greenhouses

Plant nurseries and professional greenhouses are where quality plants and shrubs can be found.  Many also have garden and lawn decorations, gifts for gardeners and yes, butterfly decorations.

Plant Nurseries

This page lists selective nurseries and greenhouses by state on where to buy plants for your butterfly garden. You'll find quality annual and perennial flowers.

These are the folks that can give you great gardening advice along with any gardening aids you may need should problems arise.

Each nursery listed recommends flowers that attract butterflies (many also great hummingbird plants), Butterfly Bushes and other trees and garden shrubs that they carry.

Each nursery also gives expert DIY tips for gardening on their page.

You will also find that some not only are plant nurseries, they also may be a landscaping business. Wanting to 'staycation' more, many people are putting money back into their homes creating the perfect sanctuary, or backyard retreat. Readers can learn more about visual design for their gardens from these professionals.

Before clicking on the listed nursuries I want to draw attention on a planting term that all too often are over-looked. This is more often the key to understanding butterfly garden plants that will grow successfully in your geographical area. This term is:

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map -

Plant hardiness zones refer to a plants ability to withstand frosts and typical winters for a given area.

When looking at different maps it is important to note that in 2012 the USDA changed the zoning map. The new map temperatures shows warmer temperatures for zones.

I am using the old hardiness zone map simply to error/err on the side of caution. I have spent good money on pretty flowers not understanding that they couldn't withstand an Ohio winter.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone-------Degree Fahrenheit

3----------- -40 to -30----

4----------- -30 to -20----

5----------- -20 to -10----

6 ----------- -10 to 0 -----

7--------------0 to 10 ----

8-- - -------- 10 to 20 ----

9-------------20 to 30 ----

10------------30 to 40 ----


          11              Above 40

--------Degree Celsius

------- -39.9 to -34.5

------- -34.4 to -28.9

------- -28.8 to -23.4

------- -23.3 to -17.8

------- -17.7 to -12.3

---------12.2 to -6.7

-------- -6.6 to -1.2

-------- -1.1 to 4.4


                 4.4 +

If any of you butterfly gardeners know of nurseries in your state that is a must for this list, Contact Us and we'll help get the word out!

Ohio Nurseries
Planting Zones 5 - 6

  • Cahoon Nursery and Garden Center.
    Westlake Ohio

    Expert advice about: Soil first then setting plant roots.

  • The GreenSmith Garden Center and Landscaping Company.
    Hinckley Ohio.

    Expert advice about: Spring Coppicing, or cutting back.

  • Puritas Nursery, Garden Center and Greenhouses.
    Kamm's Corners, Cleveland Ohio.

    Expert Gardening Advice: Plannig, soil, plant quality and watering.

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